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raise - d³ Git repository
# raise-d³ #
## Description ##
FDM printer for remote operation with octoprint for flexible small scale production. Designed from scratch and inspired by the I3 by Josef Prusa, MP3DP by Ryan Zellar and the Itopie by Skarab
### Key features ###
Print volume: 250 x 270 x 250
Made from 12mm beechplywood "Multiplex"
Exchangeable extrudermount with E3D Titan Aero as suggested standard. Should fit a MK8 Style extruder and hotend as well.
The electronic parts are all kept within the main case and get cooled by two 60mm fans.
Not designed yet but should work with a small spindle like Proxxon or Dremel for carving PCB production.
Contains most of the files necessary to build a d³ fabrication printer.
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