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Let’s take a look at the last part of the GUI: the master section. The function of the most elements
are quite obvious, so i will only explain them in short:
* the green, yellow, orange and red square show the beat (from bottom to top)
* the Stop/Play button stops or restarts the transport
* with the tap button you can adjust the tempo by clicking the beat
* right click on tap button allow to input manually BPM input
* the metro button activates a metronom on the headphones_out of Luppp (note that you can choose between a selection of different volume levels by right-clicking on the "metro" button)
* the knob with the number sets the tempo
* the return knob adjusts the volume of the returned audio (e. g. reverb)
* the fader adjusts the master volume
Let’s take a look at the last part of the GUI: the master section. There are some controls
for different record modes, the metronome and the transport of Loopp. Lets take a closer look:
Record Modes
The two buttons in the top control the record mode, that means in which way Loopp will record new
clips. The default is an endless recording quantized to the beat. But you might want to freely record
a new clip and record new ones in sync with it. To do this, simply enable the free mode by using the
top left button.
The other option is to automatically stop the recording after a defined number of bars. To do this, simply
hit the top right button and choose the length of the clips.
There is basically only one button to control the transport: You can stop it, and start the playback again with the
middle button on the left side. The button underneath shows the current beat position in the bar.
The default are 120 BPM. To change this, you simply can use the bottom right dial. To use exact numbers, simply right
click the dial. Alternatively use the Tap-Button over the tempo dial to tap the tempo.
Master return
There is one dial left, the bottom left one called "Return". If you set up the reverb as described above, you can handle the
amount of wet signal which is mixed to the master. This way you can reduce the amount of reverb for all tracks.
Saving and Loading Sessions
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