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Title: Luppp release 1.0.1!
Date: 30.04.2014
Author: Harry Haaren
Summary: Luppp 1.0.1 was release to fix Bugs and bring minor improvements
This release brings the following changes:
* Updated header graphics
* CLang static analysis
* Icon updated & shows
* Metronome moved from master out to headphones port
* Special clip keybindings,
* Captital keybindings for clear clip
* AudioEditor shows green / red based on BPM analysis of the sample
* Clearing clips bug fixed
* Loading bug re-trigger bug fixed
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Title: Luppp release 1.1.1!
Date: 09.04.2017
Author: Harry Haaren
Summary: Luppp 1.1.1 brings stereo and pan controls!
This release brings the following changes:
## Cleanup:
* astyle: global restyle of codebase
* cleanup startup prints and blank lines
* cmake: update makefiles to not clobber flags vars
## Features:
* create project dir if not already there
* pan for each track
* full stereo signal chain
* cmake: fix build flags to enable optimized builds on x86_64
## Fixes:
* fix possible mem leak if loading a MIDI binding fails
* fixed possible mem leak in goptions dialog
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Title: Luppp release 1.1!
Date: 24.12.2016
Author: Harry Haaren
Summary: Luppp 1.1 brings new features and fixes!
This release brings the following changes:
## Features:
* Added saveDirectory option to set the save dir for Luppp sessions
* Added possibility to enable metronom on startup and set volume
* Added possibility to save clips
* Added per track outputs
* Added per track sends/returns
* Added Lag function on slider to avoid jitter
* Added hotkey symbols for en-GB Layout
* Added french version of app data and desktop file
* Added .ctrl file for Launchpad S and APC Mini and APC Key25
* Added ability to adjust knobs with mouse wheel
* Added metronome volume
* New header images
## Fixes:
* Fixed internal buffer misconduct
* Fixed glitches on beats/bars
* Fixed Jack transport state control
* Fixed loosing sync after some time
* Fixed tempo tap issues while transport is not running
* Fixed horizontal Slider issue
* Fixed glitches in output
* Fixed metronome MIDI mapping
* Fixed track volume not becoming totally silent
## Improvements:
* Improved Jack Transport
* Improved pitch shifting
* Improved TimeManager
* Improved building on non x86_64 plattforms
* Improved BPM Dial
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