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Title: WTF - Why The Fork?
Date: 26.05.2019
Authors: Georg Krause
Summary: I did a fork called Loopp - and here is why.
At first I want to thank [openAVproductions](, especially Harry but also all the other contributors for their great work!
Luppp is a fantastic tool and has a great potential. Its built in a lot of spare time, and one can't thank every dev enough.
You are great!
Sadly there are no active developers anymore, but me. In the last months there where only Commits made by me. As you might
now Luppp is part of a bigger Software suite, brought to you by openAVproductions. This causes some restrictions for Luppp in
the presentation and hosting of the project and its infrastructure. With forking the project I can get rid of them.
I used the new possibilities to move the project to [a self-hosted Gitlab instance]( (thanks [Micha]( for it), configured a Gitlab CI
Pipeline which builds and packages. Additionally I started the big project to implement unit testing, also automatically executed by
Gitlab CI. Another long-term-goal is the unification of the code styling and the refactoring of the code base. These are deep changes
which will take a lot of time, but will also enable some new features, which hopefully get merged into Luppp again.
Some features are already done, the plan is to release them on the next Open Source Audio Release day in July.
Stay tuned!
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