Commit 0020d9a6 authored by Harry van Haaren's avatar Harry van Haaren

fix #125: track volume fader != silence bug fixed

Fixes dsp bug in how the master diff was calculated,
which left some room for error and hence some just-not-silence
levels sneak through the fader.

Increase the calculation threshold to be more sensitive, so
there is now 10x less creep. Testing here proved that it never
bleeds audio anymore
parent cd1565d0
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ void TrackOutput::setSend( int send, float value )
void TrackOutput::process(unsigned int nframes, Buffers* buffers)
//compute master volume lag;
// get & zero track buffer
float* trackBuffer = buffers->audio[Buffers::RETURN_TRACK_0 + track];
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