Commit 2fd87dbb authored by Georg Krause's avatar Georg Krause

Keep recordhead and buffers AudioFrames in sync

parent 89c0e98c
Pipeline #889 passed with stages
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......@@ -118,6 +118,7 @@ void LooperClip::load( AudioBuffer* ab )
// set the endpoint to the buffer's size
_recordhead = _buffer->getSize();
_recFpb = _recordhead / _buffer->getBeats();
char buffer [50];
......@@ -207,6 +208,7 @@ void LooperClip::record(int count, float* L, float* R)
_buffer->getDataL().at( _recordhead ) = *L++;
_buffer->getDataR().at( _recordhead ) = *R++;
} else {
// break: this is *BAD*, audio data is lost but the buffer isn't here
// yet to hold new audio data so there's no option. This has not been
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