Commit af91fbdb authored by Harry van Haaren's avatar Harry van Haaren

-Updated PACKAGING (thanks AutoStatic)

parent d7928aac
......@@ -3,25 +3,17 @@ Thanks for looking into packaging Luppp:
OpenAV couldn't possibly package for every distro,
your work is apprecatied!
CMake is used as the build system, checkout the
script in the 'build' directory: its pretty simple.
Notes for packaging:
=== 1: luppp.prfs
Install luppp.prfs into .config/openAV/luppp/
Result: file: .config/openAV/luppp/luppp.prfs
=== 2: Controllers directory
=== Controllers directory
Install controllers directory (and contents) to
Result: dir: .config/openAV/luppp/controllers/
files: .config/openAV/luppp/controllers/<filename>.ctlr
Result: dir: /usr/share/luppp/controllers/
files: /usr/share/luppp/controllers/<filename>.ctlr
=== Questions
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